Qasil Leaf Powder - NAAMSO
Qasil Leaf Powder - NAAMSO

Qasil Leaf Powder

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Want radiant skin without using harsh cleansers? Then Qasil Leaf powder is for you.

Naturally derived from the Gob tree native to East Africa. The leaves are crushed into powder and used raw and unprocessed. It has been used for centuries by East African women especially the Horn of Africa to exfoliate and soften skin gently without stripping it of oils.

High in saponins, antioxidants, vitamin C this soap free cleanser which is suitable for most skin types cleanses, lightly exfoliates and protects from free radicals whilst improving skin's condition for a brighter more radiant even toned look.


Mix a small amount with enough water/hydrosol to make a spreadable mixture. Lightly massage into skin in circular motion and rinse off after 5 minutes.

To use as a mask make a thicker paste and leave on for 5 minutes.

Other ways to use it for added benefits:

Mix with equal parts turmeric

Mix with coconut yoghurt/ floral waters/ plant based milk such as oat milk.



100% pure Qasil Leaf Powder