About Us

Naamso is an indulgently luxurious yet practical natural, cruelty free, organic, vegan and halal friendly Australian skincare brand powered by a range of natural ingredients from the rich plant and mineral world of the African continent.

Tapping into ancient African beauty secrets and rituals we bring the key effective ingredients to protect, nourish and replenish the skin. Based on this, our skincare is focused on a slow, steady and long-term approach. It's all about prevention. Caring for our skin in Africa is a ritual introduced in childhood. The focus is on consistency and achieving results over a period of time. In this way we are different from western philosophies which focus more in quickly fixing the problem once it happens and may take longer to undo damage.

We utilize botanicals that have a long history of traditional healing use, passed down generations and enduring the passage of time thereby acknowledging with a deep respect the rich biodiversity of indigenous African botanicals and their healing powers. Africa is home to an exceptional, mostly untapped and considerable wealth of plant biodiversity. Knowledge comes from a deep understanding of the essences present in these plants. The San and Khoi peoples of Southern Africa used the indigenous flora as their pharmacy for both cosmetic and healing uses.  

 At the heart of Naamso is the healing power of African flora and botanicals. Naamso aims to combine both the ancient healing and cosmetic uses to provide a unique take on skincare whilst delivering an exciting range of products harnessing novel ingredients. The ingredients are thoughtfully brought together in a formulation in a way that increases their efficacy. Cosmetic use of these ingredients has been scientifically proven thus bridging the best of the ancient and modern world.

We have a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. It is of utmost importance to us that the local communities that grow and harvest our ingredients benefit financially, are not exploited and get help in building and sustaining their communities, it is also important that the ingredient source is not depleted but sustained, further helping communities.

The approach at Naamso is to rebuild the skins integrity and health without compromising on quality. We offer not just skincare but a solution for your skincare and body care needs. Our products are designed to improve the skin not just topically but from the inside out -hydrate, nourish, repair, restore and enhance long term results. We believe luxurious skincare should not stop at your face but should encompass your whole body. We therefore use the same luxury ingredients for the face and body.

Our formulations are innovative and offer a sensorial experience of an authentic African botanical experience. They not only capture the unique African experience but are also a natural and organic plant based driven experience. We want the customer to experience Africa itself, from the vibrant colours of the African continent as represented in our labelling, the raw textures, the amazing fragrances and just the earthy goodness. The Naamso journey through our products is a journey into Africa, bringing ancient African beauty secrets through smell. feel, touch and visualisation. Each formulation has been customised to satisfy the individuals needs and to create the ultimate experience.

Designed for those who are earth-conscious, demand the best for their skin and yet do not have the time for a lengthy skincare regime.


Naamso products are custom made for women and men of all skin types and from all walks of life. Not only is it an inclusive skincare range that unveils the skin you deserve to be in but leaves you revelling in the pure luxurious feel of nourished and pampered skin from head to toe. We want you to ‘Embrace and be your best age ever’

Our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure maximum quality.

All Naamso products have no added parabens, SLS, GMOs, mineral oils, PEGS, artificial colours and fragrances. We aim to use as much as possible ingredients in their purest forms, wild harvested, cold pressed and with minimal or no added additives.


We have named our range of skincare


This collection embodies the essence and exotic nature of African beauty. It utilizes the power of natural and organic African botanicals and minerals to compliment the skin’s balance, maintain and improve it.

These key effective ingredients have been used for centuries helping protect, replenish and nourish skin from the harsh African climate which bears striking similarities to the Australian climate.

There are 4 Ranges within the Bantu Collection to cater for different skin types.

These are:

Timeless Range – Pro Aging/ Dry/Normal

Men Range – All Skin Types

Sensitive Range

Oily/Combination Range