About Founder

Naamso, which was founded in Sydney by myself, a microbiology Scientist began after I had been making and trialling skincare for my daughters needs as well as my own mainly based on beauty rituals and products I had been taught as a child growing up in Africa.

The Naamso brand began when I realised that there was a gap in the market regarding African beauty. There were all these other beauty brands such as Korean K beauty ad Ayurvedic beauty gaining popularity but there was very little known about African beauty especially outside of Africa.

So I decided to start my own brand to bring the ’A’ to beauty – as in African beauty.

Initial and ongoing challenges with bringing out my brand in Australia was the perception from people that it was only for African or darker skinned people. Even potential stockists had a hard time understanding it was for all skin types and was multi ethnic.

This to me emphasized even more that ‘A’ African beauty and ingredients were still a bit of a mystery.