Room Diffusers

Room Diffuser

Long-lasting diffuser with an exotic yet inviting scent for a freshly scented home. Lasts up to 3 months.


Available in 14 gorgeous scents:

African Dusk Party:  Evoking a sense of being at a cocktail party at dusk with a backdrop of a seductive and majestic African sunset of orange and nartjie hues, the smell of wild summer fruit, and silhouettes of wild African animals returning home.

African Sunrise: There's nothing like a beautiful African sunrise...Fresh smelling, a few dewdrops on wild savannah, birds chirping, wood fires burning and the rosy-hued sun just peeping through the trees.

African Desert Nights: Watching the sun setting over the sand dunes and magically transforming into a cold, crisp star-filled night with the sounds of nature trickling into your ear. Kick back with a cuppa of rooibos tea and enjoy the unique and surreal atmosphere of desert nights mingled with delicious scents synonymous with the desert. 

Tropical Fruit Bloom:   An intoxicating and enticing scent of lush tropical fruits and berries in the deep tropics. Inviting you to reach out, pluck and take a bite of this fruity fusion.

Okavango Escape: Immerse yourself in an African ambiance, feeling the pulse of the majestic Okavango, capturing its unspoiled paradise. Floating along in a mokoro and discovering the beauty of this vast swampland peppered with the bold and uplifting scents of natural flora.  

Chobe Safari: With a smell reminiscent of opening your tent in the morning to an awakening natural wonderland with expansive views of the majestic Chobe River dotted with baobab trees, watching wildlife gathering by the waterhole and hearing the dull sound of hoofs in the sand and occasional animal sounds. A truly captivating scent.

Cape Breeze:  Along the Cape, digging your toes in the sand and the breeze caressing your face with a cool, very light, and refreshing scent of the ocean.

The Salt Pans: Imagine being in a vast expanse of the salty white landscape, silent, untouched, and pristine, and dotted with a flock of pink flamingos. Throw your head back and inhale the clean crisp scent of pure salt air mingled with a hint of wood in a backdrop of ancient yet remote glamour. Definitely one for the senses.

Champagne Kisses:   A seductive blend of effervescent champagne with a combination of strawberries, roses, raspberries, and vanilla.

Home Sweet Home: Come home, sit back relax to this inviting and welcoming scent.

Sinful Dessert: You know you shouldn't have more but the sinful aroma coaxes you to have more.

Vanilla Scents: Warm and comforting smell evoking childhood memories.

Grapefruit and Chamomile: Calming yet uplifting

Vanilla, Patchouli, and Sandalwood